Why Empaths Have a Hard Time With Sales

Are you an empath? (Do you feel what other people feel?)

Then you’re probably having a hard time with sales.

This is a common experience for empaths.

I’m going to give you a bunch of quick tips on how to get past this. Ready? Buckle up!

1) Empaths tend to be codependent energetically and financially with their clients, worrying about whether the clients can afford what they want to charge.

The truth is that it’s not your business what someone else can afford.

Not to mention the fact that what you think someone can afford and what they think they can may be very different things. People without fear of debt, may think nothing of putting thousands of dollars on a credit card. People with a high value on savings, may have a couple million dollars available and still think they can’t afford something. The truth is, you aren’t in people’s heads or their bank accounts and even if you were, it’s not your choice, it’s theirs. So if you can establish your value, then they will pay for it. That’s your ONLY responsiblity.

2) As empaths, you are some of the best people to do sales once you get over the idea that salespeople (you) are sleazy. Reframe sales instead as issuing an invitation for something awesome. Sales is simply the process of having a conversation with someone, discovering what their problems/needs are, explaining what it is that you do and whether/how it can solve their problem, and then helping them to make a solid decision about whether or not to buy.

When they are waffling on a decision that you KNOW would be best for them (especially if they are bad at doing things for themselves), then it’s your job as a caring salesperson to advocate for them. Help them to see how they will benefit and that they deserve to have their needs met.

3) The other problem empaths have is that they tend to interpret resistance or an objection from a prospect as rejection and assume that the rejection is because they are not good enough. In truth, objections are your best friend because they tell you where the person is stuck and in telling you the objection, they are asking you to help them get over it. Same with resistance. If they tell you, then they want you to help them justify signing up.

4) Ironically, the biggest problem empaths have with sales is that they are standing in the wrong person’s shoes. They are worried about the other person’s feelings, but not actually seeing it from their perspective.

Look at it through your prospective client’s eyes. You’re great at what you do. They have an opportunity to leverage your knowledge/service/product to make their lives better. You KNOW it works. That’s the ONLY thing they DON’T know. If you can get them to see that it does work, then they will really want what you have to offer.

Then it’s your job to stop getting in the way of them having it. I know it sounds like it’s not that simple (and it does require some practice and some bringing your energy into the right place), but ultimately it is this simple. If you’ve been having a hard time with your sales, put yourself in the other person’s shoes, acknowledge your worth, and see how easy sales can become.

P.S. Did you know that your energy field carries stress? And as business owners, we have more stress than the average person. It can really kill your vibe.

Ever thought about that phrase? It’s talking about the vibrations in your energy field. And those vibrations are affected by sound.

So I’ve created this lovely  Stress Reduction Sound Healing audio for you. The great thing about sound healings is that they are cumulative. I recommend listening to this one a few times. You’ll feel better each time.

Why do you need to listen more than once? Because your energy field will only allow in the healing it can hold at that moment. Any more healing will be ignored. So when you listen multiple times, you go through multiple layers of healing.

Enjoy this gift. And let me know how it works for you.


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