Finding Clarity – Which Way To Go

I was speaking with a client this week and she asked me how you know the difference between overcoming an obstacle and the Universe telling you that you’re on the wrong path. I figured you might want to know the answers too, so here they are.

Clarity Check #1 – If You’re Pushing, You’re Doing It Wrong

You should never be in the energy of pushing. Pushing through challenges leads to burnout, which is not a sustainable way to reach your goals. When you find yourself pushing, stop and get still.  Ask yourself, “if I started this again today, knowing what I know now, would I continue to do it?”  And keep in mind, you don’t want to include any time, energy, or money, you’ve already put into the project.  That is what is known as sunk cost.  You can’t get those back no matter what, so there’s no point in considering them.

Ask yourself, if you started fresh today, would you still do it?  If so, then you continue.  If not, then you stop.  It’s just that simple.  The challenge is that we get stuck in the doing and forget to ask if it’s worth it.  When you’re pushing there’s a good chance it’s time to stop.  Stopping for how long becomes the question.  Are you burned out?  Or are you done?

Clarity Check #2 – Check Your Energy Levels

Just because things are hard, it’s not necessarily a sign that you’re on the wrong path. It could be a matter of depleted energy. Burnout can cloud your judgment and make obstacles appear insurmountable. Take a moment to evaluate your energy levels and consider whether you’re in a position to tackle the challenge effectively. If not, focus on self-care and recharging before making any decisions.

Clarity Check #3 – Avoid the “Not Meant for Me” Mentality

I see this a lot with people in the spiritual awakening community.  They substitute the Universe as a parent figure and then abdicate their power to it.  It doesn’t work like that.  The Universe is your manifestation engine – not your parent.  It is your partner – it wants for you what you want.

There is nothing in the world that “isn’t meant” for you.  You are the ultimate creator of your reality.  The beliefs that you espouse are what will determine your outcomes.  If you assume that the Universe isn’t willing to give you something, then you will not have it.  It isn’t that the Universe doesn’t want to give it, it’s that you, through your doubts and fears, decided that you weren’t allowed to have it – that you don’t deserve it. The Universe provides what you believe.  Choose your beliefs wisely.

Clarity Check #4 – Listen to the Universe

Pay attention to the signs and signals the universe provides. If you feel that your journey has become excessively challenging, ask the universe for guidance. Seek a simpler and more efficient path toward your goals. When things get hard, it isn’t the Universe saying this isn’t the path for you, it’s the Universe saying “slow down so we can line things up for you”, or “wow, you’re making this hard on yourself, consider whether you want to let go of the struggle”, or “you’ve gotten stuck on the how – I need you to go back to focusing on the what so I can show you a different how path”.  Change the way you see the situation and you’ll change your experience of it.

Clarity Check #5 – Focus on the Goal, Not the Obstacle

Resist the urge to become fixated on the obstacles you encounter. Instead, shift your focus back to your desired outcome. By concentrating on the bigger picture, you will discover new paths, strategies, or opportunities that allow you to bypass or overcome the obstacle more effectively.

Clarity Check #6 – Remember That You Are The Creator

You are the creator and the Universe is the medium through which you create.  When your path is getting hard, it’s not because some higher power decided that you don’t deserve what you are seeking.  It is merely a reflection of what is inside of you.  So look at your assumptions, fears, doubts, beliefs, and expectations.  Look at your energy levels.  Stop attaching to the how and go back to the what.  And don’t get fixated on the obstacles.

Get still, refill your energy. look at the situation with new eyes, know that what you are working towards IS for you – that you deserve it, and then allow the Universe to guide you towards your goal.  You can do it.  I believe in you.

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